A short English overview

Dear English speaking visitors we would like to introduce our friendly society  to you. In order to do so, we give you a short outline of our work and articles.

Our society was established in 2001 and named ‘MünchBürger’. That is a play on words between Münchberg (our city) and the German word for citizen (‘Bürger’)

We are, as mentioned before, a completly voluntary society. In our logo you can see the ‘skyline’ of Münchberg and the blue ‘snake’ is our stream called Pulschnitz. The colors green, black and white were taken from our city’s coat of arms.

Our aims are according to our articles:
- Preservation of historical monuments
- Preservation of folklore and tradition
- Environment protection and preservation in and around Münchberg
- Promotion of the arts and cultural events

We want to make our city more attractive through ideas, creative newspaper articles, personal contribution by our members and cooperation with the municipality and the citizens of Münchberg.

Recent projects include:
- Preservation of the ‘Grimmlers Haus’
- Guided city tours
- ‘Kreuzberghohlweg’, the narrow pass with cellars of rock (mediaeval path)
- Embellishment of the city center

We are a society for:
- former Münchbergers (also abroad) who want to know something about their hometown
- representation of Münchberg's history in cooperation with the municipality

We consider our society a contact point for everybody who wants to get in touch with Münchberg, its history, current events and projects.
We are prepared to develop a program about Münchberg and its surrounding areas for travellers.

Please feel free to take a look at our German website with many photos. A lot of pictures you will find on our projects site ‘Projekte’.
There are also some photos of our events on this link Veranstaltungs-Fotos MünchBürger e.V. .

Our virtual guided city tour in English language and the photos in an "exe"-file or an other version in a "pps"-file.
The German virtual tour is here: "Stadtführung" -> "Virtuelle Stadtführung" (at the bottom is a view from Münchberg Rohrbühl tower. Also you can find "Demo-Seite" there. It shows views about streets from today and how they looked like in further times).

A 360° view from the Waldstein mountain is avaliable on this site (srcoll to the bottom).

Photos taken by Rainer Fritsch about the visit (article 1 and article 2) of our partner city Jefferson City are online in this webalbum.